Vive helps you recover better so you can train, play, and live the life you love without restrictions

Recover more of what you love!

What is Recovery?

Stress is a part of life, fitness, and sports. Recovery helps the body’s natural ability to restore and regenerate. 

It’s a cyclical process that helps us to grow and adapt when in balance but can lead to pain and injury when out of balance. 

Effective recovery methods aren’t voodoo, they are based on science. They help by triggering your body’s natural regeneration processes, and supporting those processes to be more efficient. 

Recovery is a natural process. Recover better so you can do more.

Benefits of better recovery

Reduce Muscle & Joint Pain

Support your body’s natural healing process to reduce the muscles and joints pain. Get out, be active and engage with confidence you can move without fatigue, aches, and pains.

Perform better with improved recovery

Perform Better

Whether a high level competitor, a weekend warrior, you still want to be your best. Better recovery means you’re ready when its game time and can train harder in between.

Live Well

Discover how you can improve your sleep quality and reduce your stress levels naturaly so that you can thrive in life. Better recovery helps support the healthy lifestyle you want.

More Energy

More energy, focus, and enjoyment for the body, mind and soul. Work smarter, boost immunity & wellness, and improve mental health so you can live life fully and thrive.

Our Services

Vive uses STRETCHING, TISSUE work, and curated TECHNOLOGY to address the four pillars of stress so people can RECOVER better to train, play, and live the life they want


Professional Assisted Stretching

Trained specialists use the VIVE technique to provide whole body and targeted stretches that help people move better


Sports Massage Techniques

Clients receive manual tissue work in conjunction with stretching in an open environment, while fully clothed.


Devices and Proprietary Algorithms

Digital monitoring client’s body and feelings so proprietary algorithms can suggest the best modalities such as Red Light, Cryotherapy, guided meditation, and more.

The Challenge Today

Pain Holding You Back

Too often when the volume and stress add up we can find ourselves with aches and pains that hold us back.

Eliminating aches & pains without drugs helps you do the things you love.

Doing More

In today’s world people are doing more. Working longer hours, training harder for sports and fitness, and leading active lifestyles at all ages.

With more activity comes more stress. If you want to pursue these things, then you need to upgrade your approach to recovery.

Confusing Recovery Options

What recovery methods work best for your needs and When to use them for the results you want.?

Which ones really work, which are just fads, and how do you use them?

Some places treat recovery like a smorgasbord of stuff and just leave you to figure it out randomly.  You don’t really know if you’re picking the best options or using them at the right time.

With more recovery options and devices, you deserve guidance to help you get results.

A New Solution

Vive was designed so you can enjoy the most effective recovery possible in a comfortable setting. Our process has been honed through decades of experience optimizing recovery in elite athletes and active individuals.



The Vive team has been vetting cutting edge technologies for decades and has learned to separate the helpful from the hype.


Vive takes the lessons from decades of help elite athletes recover better and makes them accessible to you. By understanding you and your goals we can help you find the solutions you need.


We only use technologies that are backed by experience and research. Vive has analyzed thousands of hours of tracking to develop unique, curated Flows that combine technologies so you get better results

The Vive Experience - What To Expect

The Vive experience was designed so you can enjoy the most effective recovery possible in a comfortable setting. Our process has been honed through decades of experience optimizing recovery in elite athletes and active individuals.

1. Guided
You’ll be guided by a knowledgeable Recovery Coach to select and experience a targeted FLOW or TUNE-UP.

- You’ll take a brief wellness survey that uses our advanced algorithms to help target the right options for you.

- Our system also uses your past visits and feedback to optimize your recovery.
2. Flows
Vive doesn't just give you recovery modalities randomly.
Vive has curated 2-3 different technologies that work synergistically into a targeted FLOW.

- Experience your Flow in your own recovery station featuring comfortable zero-gravity recliners that let you relax.

- To focus on a specific body part like shoulder or knees, wear loose clothing that rolls up, shorts or tank tops.
3. One-on-One
One-on-one Specialist sessions include a mix of comfortable assisted stretching and tissue work delivered in Vive’s open setting and fully clothed.

- Clients should wear typical workout type clothing of shirts, shorts or tights, and socks. If you need something more comfortable to wear, we always have options in stock.
4. Recovery Sessions
- If you select a Vive Recovery session you experience a FLOW and a One-on-one session for the best results.

- You can also select a Vive Signature Session with a specific goal

- To top off your experience, you can finish with several unique nutritional and hydration products to support the recovery process.