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Ken Vick - Human Performance Director
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Transforming human performance

In the world of high-performance sport, athletes need to optimize their recovery. That’s how they get the greatest benefit from training and be ready to performance at their best.

Thats where Vive’s founders have spent the last 25 years.  Helping organizations and athletes around the globe.  That includes players or teams from 17 countries and over 34 different professional sports.

Their knowledge and methods were forged in the cauldron of the NFL, UFC, NHL, Olympics, and every sport in between.

But we know that its not just elite athletes that need to optimize recovery.  

Everyone who wants to be their best and do the things they love with energy and vigor needs it.

Today, Vive gives anyBODY access to the services and guidance that once only elite athletes had.

empowering you to be your best self

We want to empower you along your personal journey of performance, fitness, and wellness.

You deserve real solutions to help you thrive, not marketing hype and magic bullets.

Vive delivers solutions and strategies that are based on science and proven in the field.

Our mission is to guide you to the right solutions for your individual needs and educate you on the best self-care solutions.

Vive is on A mission


We want to empower you to be proactive in your health & wellness.  That means providing you with knowledge, tools, and strategies you can use for long term success. 

You deserve professional guidance so you can find what works best for you.


Vive is striving to positively impact lives.  In practice, that means our systems, staff, and science need to be delivered at consistently high levels.

From the comfort of our studios, to the skills of our staff, it’s Vive’s mission to always elevate what we do so we can impact you more.


What began as a journey to innovate recovery for elite athletes has become a quest to curate and integrate the best recovery methods backed by science.  

Vive seeks to cut through the hype and use science and practice to bring yu the most effective tools.

We Are Vive

Viive is made up of a team of people striving together to help you live your best life

Ken Vick

Founder - Human Performance Director

Ken Vick is the Founder and Human Performance Director for Vive Recovery Centers.  With a background as a performance coach, and high-performance director, he has over 28 years of experience, and has worked with athletes and organizations in 11 Olympic Games from 17 countries across 32 different professional sports. 

Recovering to optimize performance, enhance training adaptations, and minimize injury risk is critical in elite sports.  But Ken recognized that anyone leading an active and high-performance lifestyle can benefit as well.

A creative problem solver, Ken has always look across professional disiplines and at technologies that could give athletes an advantage.  He has sifted through the hype and marketing, to apply science, measure what really works, and create actionable plans.

Today he’s leading Vive’s team and implementing, proven science backed strategies and protocols that help anyBODY recover better.  He also is a lifelong entrepreneur who helps guide the Vive Recovery Centers business as a leader in the field.

Cindy Vick

Founder - Tissue Specialist

Cindy Vick has been involved in the Health & Fitness profession for over 15 years, working in various health club and performance settings.  After years of being interested tissue work, she attended Southbay Massage College in 2009.  She is a certified massage therapist and is certified in Fascial Movement Taping.

Moving quickly into elite athlete support, she has collaborated with performance coaches and sports medicine professionals for the past 12 years.  Cindy has supported hundreds of NFL players including 12 1st round draft, Olympians from multiple nations, and in a wide range of sports from cycling to MMA.  She traveled to support players at the NFL Scouting Combine as part of the Integrated Support Team working side by side with ATCs, Chiropractors and Performance Specialists.

 Using a unique approach she combines various forms of tissue work including deep tissue, active release, stretching, instrument assisted methods and fascial movement taping.