Is Icing Injuries Good or Bad: Debunking the Cold Therapy Conundrum

Is icing really the cool solution for your injury? Let’s break it down for competitive athletes and recreational adult athletes who are grappling with pain or injury and questioning whether icing injuries is good or ba?. The answer may surprise you. The Icing Dilemma: Two Perspectives Contrary to the pro-icing camp, another perspective emphasizes the […]

Effective Ice Bath Protocols

your ice bath protocol should match your specific goals

Ice baths have a lot of potential benefits for your recovery, performance, and wellness. Use the infographic below to help select the best approach for you. To learn more you can read: Ice Baths: A Guide to Their Rationale and Protocols

Ice Baths: A Guide to Their Rationale and Protocols

ice baths: rationale and protocols for success

Ice baths have been a popular recovery method among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It’s not only a trend on social media, they can actually offer a range of health and wellness benefits. Whether you’re looking to recover from a high-intensity workout, improve your overall health, activate your nervous system before a workout, or boost your […]

Misconceptions: Ice Baths & Saunas Aren’t Always Recovery

Ice baths aren't recovery.

Today, everywhere you turn, you’ll find ice baths and saunas being promoted for recovery. Instagram, TikTok, podcasts…you cant avoid it. Unfortunately, thinking of these as a method for recovery is a bit of a misconception.  You see, the problem is that they don’t get rid of stress, they actually add it. Defining Stress Stress is […]