Vive's services

How We Do it

Our recovery services have been honed through decades of experience optimizing recovery in elite athletes and active individuals. The Vive experience was designed so you can enjoy the most effective recovery possible in a comfortable setting. 

Vive Difference

Recovery Science

Recovery is not just any one thing. To recover optimally, the process needs to match the stress and your goals.

The Four Pillars were developed from the science of human performance to target the right systems of human physiology.

Guided Process

Vive Recovery Coaches & Specialists guide you through the process.

We wont just throw a bunch of equipment in front of you or give you the same generic stretch as everyone else.

Proven Technology

We only use technologies that are backed by experience and research.

Vive has analyzed thousands of hours of tracking to develop unique, curated Tech STACKS that combine technologies so you get better results


Certified professionals working with you one on one to help get your body right using multiple methods including:
- Deep Tissue
- MyoFascial Release
- Trigger Point Therapy
- Active Release
- MyoFascial Decompression (Dry Cupping)
- Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
- PNF Stretching
- Fascial Stretching
- Active Isolated Stretching
Vive Recovery Services

Tissue Work

Assisted Stretching

Technology STACKS

Vive STACKS include specifically curated combinations of 2-3 proven tech modalities which work synergistically for better results.

Red Light Therapy

PhotoBioModulation with Red and Near Infrared Light

Blood Flow Restriction

Passive Blood Flow Restriction Recovery

Pneumatic Compression

Upper & Lower Body Compression for Lymphatic Return & Circulation

Apollo Neuro Tuning

Waves of vibration to help activate or relax your brain and nervous system

EEG Guided Breathing & Meditation

Calm Mind and Focus Through Meditation and Feedback

NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation

NMES & TENS to reduce pain, activate, or recover muscles

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields

PEMF to support cellular healing & function

Localized Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy to reduce pain, wrinkles, and improve function

Fire & Ice Facial

Rejuvenate skin health while reducing fine lines and wrinkles