neuromuscular electrical stimulation

Use proven NMES and TENS protocols to reduce pain, improve function, and speed muscle recovery

NMES and TENS combine with other tech for proven benefits

Our devices use the scientifically proven technology of neuromuscular electrical stimulation to;

relieve pain

accelerate recovery from training and competition

increase local blood flow to support healing

trigger natural chemicals to aid recovery and wellness

The Technology

Our devices use two forms of electrical muscle stimulation to give you benefits; TENS and NMES.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) works on what is called Gate Theory. This scientifically tested theory explains that stimulating a nerve non-painfully closes the nerve “gates” to painful input. 

This reduces or prevents pain sensation from traveling to the central nervous system after use.

TENS can also promote the release of endorphins into the bloodstream. These are your body’s natural pain killers.


The neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) technology uses electrical signals to stimulate micro or macro contractions of your muscles.  Specific frequencies are used depending on the targeted muscle and goals.

This non-fatiguing contraction of the muscles increasing circulation. By increasing blood circulation, oxygenated and nutrient rich blood is delivered to the muscles. This kickstarts the healing process and improves overall recovery.

These small contraction can also help reduce muscle tension and myofascial trigger points that limit motion.

NMES stimulates circulating myokine secretion, promoting a cascade of endocrine, paracrine, and autocrine effects which have positive system effects on wellness and recovery.

What to expect

NMES and TENS programs are used in many of Vive’s STACKS and the exact program will depend on your goals. 

The programs are typically 20-24 minutes and focus on either

  • pain reduction,
  • muscle relaxation,
  • increasing blood flow,
  • stimulating the nervous system

Gel pads are attached to the body part that is targeted for treatment, and the wireless stimulator is controlled from a device.

The intensity level will be adjusted for a non-painful, gentle to moderate pulse.  For these purposes levels are not set to have hard, or uncomfortable contractions.

We have sanitized, shared gel pads, or you can purchase your own pads, which we will keep in center for your exclusive use.

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation & TENS

No.  The levels used for TENS, recovery, and relaxation should not be painful.  It’s true that some high intensity strengthening protocols can cause painful contractions, but the Neuromuscular electrical stimulation you experience in Vive’s FLOWS will not.

Yes. A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS) uses electrical pulses to release endorphins and to stop pain signals in the brain. TENS is well documented to reduce pain.

It is safe for most people to use a TENS is safe and  most people will not usually experience any side effects. However, the electrical impulses may cause a buzzing, tingling, or prickling sensation, which some people may find uncomfortable. Some people may be allergic to the adhesive pads.

As a proven safe modality, it great for most healthy people.  With that said, there are some conditions when we don’t recommend NMES including;

  • Pregnancy
  • Epilepsy
  • Pacemaker or other implanted electrical device

Start Recovering with NMES and TENS