Vive's recovery approach

What We Do



and curated TECHNOLOGY

to address the four pillars of stress so people can RECOVER better to train, play, and live the life they want.

But what is recovery?

Stress Recovery Adaptation

Stress, Recovery & Adaptation

It’s cyclical.

And just as a round wheel turns smoothly, a balanced lifestyle, activity, and recovery lead to a thriving life.

But a wheel that’s not truly round and balanced will lead to a rough ride. The same is true for you. When your recovery is not balanced with your activity and stress, things get rough.

Getting enough recovery in today’s demanding world is hard.

But you deserve to still do the things you love.

That’s why we bring you Vive.

Four Pillars of Recovery

Different types of stress need different types of recovery treatment.

The challenge is the deep knowledge of how to guide you to the right tools.

Guided Flows and one-on-one Tune-Ups deliver what what you need based on the type of stress you have.


It Works Better

The reason many people find a popular recovery method fails them is that they are using the wrong one.

Recovery is specific to the stress.

So if you use a recovery method designed for tissue (…like Blood Flow Restriction) when what you need is reduced stress and better sleep, its not effective.

Your Needs

Understanding your specific goals in sports, fitness, and wellness helps Vive deliver targeted solutions. 

Remember, you don’t recover for recovery sake, you recover so you can do more of the things you love.

Don't Waste Time

A lot of recovery modalities aren’t bad to do, but if they don’t target the right Pillar might be a waste.

Wasting time, energy, and money on the wrong things is the opposite of good recovery.

chronic stress


Some modalities work better together and magnify the results.

That why Vive’s FLOWS were created.  Each one was curated to help specific PILLARS with 2-3 modalities that compliment each other.


Tissue work

To be functional, you need the pliable tissue, moving smoothly without trigger points or adhesions.

Unfortunately, our activities, training, and daily life put wear and tear on those tissues.

The best results involve BOTH working your tissue manually and stretching it.

Assisted Stretching

To function fully you need to move freely through a full range of motion AND have the ability to control it.

Vive’s stretching methodology is built around building functional mobility, not just flexibility.

You build mobility to move better because Recovery Specialists address both flexibility and stability through a blend of methods.


Today we have many tools that can help us recover.  High performers are always searching for an edge and looking to innovate. 

So Vive continually explores new technologies that may help in recovery.

All of these technologies are just tools. Tools that either help trigger or support your body’s natural ability to recovery.

Your Vive Experience

The Vive experience goes far beyond random recovery tools. 

You’ll be guided by our knowledgable staff to find the right solutions and recover the way you want.

  • You’ll be guided by a knowledgeable Recovery Coach to understand which of the Four Recovery Pillars you should focus on for optimal results.
  • You’ll take a brief wellness survey that uses our advanced algorithms to help target the right options for you.
  • Our system also uses your past visits and feedback to optimize your recovery.

After determining what you want to recover and your goals, the Recovery Coach will help you select your experience.


  • This 25 minute session gives you access to our state of the art recovery technologies. Our curated flows target specific goals by combining 2-3 different modalities that work synergistically for greater results.


  • In these 25 or 55 minute sessions you’ll receive one on one attention from a certified Recovery Specialist.  They will use Vive’s methodology that integrates assisted stretching and tissue work.


  • For the greatest results we combine both a Tech Stack and a Tune-Up in these 55 and 80 minute sessions.


The Vive Signature Packages are proven combinations of multiple modalities, stretching, and tissue techniques with a targeted goal in mind.  Vive’s signature sessions include;

  • MOBILITY MASTER – increase whole body mobility and movement quality
  • WELLNESS JUMP START – improve wellness and vitality with more energy and focus
  • SHOULDER SAVER – reduce shoulder pain and improve function for overhead athletes, swimmers, and fitness competitors 
  • LOW BACK RESCUE – reduce stress and strain on the low back with improved mobility and modalities that support healing 
  • KNEE RELIEF – reduce knee pain that is common in athletes and active individuals
  • HAMSTRING HELP – help your hamstring recover faster with these targeted modalities, tissue work, and stretches

After your Vive session we want you to wrap it up right and set yourself up for continued success.

  • You have several hydration and electrolyte options so your body is ready to recover
  • Choose from several healthy supplements and brain nootropics to optimize your body and brain
  • Evaluate how you feel afterward so we can fine-tune your recovery plans in the future